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Since we often deal with similar questions, we've decided to publish some of them, and also answering to them at the same time

What makes Intuitive so special? Why would I choose Intuitive?

Our team has a longtime international experience in different fields in design and development, and besides that we're constantly learn new techniques in order to provide our clients the best possible service.

How long does it take to create a web page?

It's quite hard to answer this question. There is no limit time for development because we always strive to keep our web pages individual for our clients, so it is almost impossible to determine an estimate, but once you send us all documentation, we can give you an estimation.

I have a web page, but no one took care of it for a long time. Now, I want to bring it back to life. What do you suggest?

If you have a really old web page, we always suggest to start from scratch. Of course we are taking care of visual identity of your organisation.

What is the difference between a web page and a web application?

To make it simple, a web page and web application have one thing in common - they are both accessible with a web browser. Web pages are accesible to all users through a web browser, while on web applications you mostly need to be registered or in some cases it is not even available for public (deep web). A web application can be anything, it can be a platform for developing web pages (ex. Content Managment Systems like Wordpress or Drupal), news portals, intranet systems and similar. Some of the most famous web application you surely know about are Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, eBay and Amazon.

What is the difference between a mobile and a web application?

As you can guess it from the name itself - mobile applications are native applications for mobile devices, downloadable from the App Store or the Google PlayStore, and they are mainly programmed in completely different programming languages. We already mentioned it in the previous question: Web applications are accessible via the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and etc.). Nowadays web applications and web pages, are responsive so they are adapted to work on mobile devices, like normal mobile applications, indenpendent from any operating system.

Do you develope mobile applications?

Not at the moment, but hopefully we will expand in that direction in the near future.

How I can help you to make my application better?

Express your desires and ideas clearly (best way - through a document), and we will make sure to realize it. Besides, like any serious business, we will provide a test URL for you.

I would like to have a control over my web page content. Can you ensure me the content management?

Of course, we can ensure this. you will manage the page content in a Content Management System. We are setting all up for you, and if needed we can teach your employees how to use the system.

Which framework are you using for web shops?

A lot of our projects are based on a Wordpress installation, which can involve WooCommerce, which is great for 'smaller' web shops and it's easy to get used to. For larger web shops (with more products and traffic) we definitely recommend Shopware.

Do you offer your own hosting for web pages and applications?

In short - no, we don't. What we offer for our clients is the service of setting up the domain and hosting on various providers. Most of our clients don't want to get involved into something like that, so they leave that up to us.

How important is it for you that web page of your clients looks modern and nice?

It's very important for us. With that we shouldn't forget functionality, user experience or security. At the end, this is our work and we want to build reputation exactly like that - with us you can't go wrong. This reputation we only can reach with high-quality work!

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